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Joeris General Contractors

Learn how Joeris General Contractor avoided rework and got access to a 360 view of interiors 

San Antonio based Joeris General Contractors is well-known for their expertise in building many types of projects, including educational facilities, health centers, office buildings, and much more. They also embrace lean construction practices in all their projects.

When the pandemic forced operations to change dramatically in the Spring of 2020, Joeris was beginning a remodel project on a 90,000-square-foot elementary school. Read the case study to learn how they responded, including:

  • How they achieve real-time coordination with teams working remotely
  • What strategy they adopted to avoid rework costs
  • The process that replaced their bi-weekly owner visits
  • How they reduced the amount of time needed to capture photo documentation of the site by 90%
  • The technology that allows them to compare job site conditions with their BIM model

This case study is a must-read for all construction firms that are learning how to successfully operate in the changed world of 2020. Fill out the form to download the PDF file.

Joeris Case Study