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Holobuilder vs. OpenSpace

See how these two 360° photo documentation tools compare

Holobuilder was founded in 2016 and has offices in both San Francisco, California, and Aachen, Germany. Holobuilder allows you to capture a digital progress record of your construction site.

OpenSpace was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It offers 360° photo documentation with AI technology that automatically pins photos to a project plan, enabling easy virtual walkthroughs.

Product Comparison at-a-glance

OpenSpace delivers more powerful technology that speeds up and simplifies your process

  • 360视频 - 自动定位至平面图
  • New captures are available within as little as 15 minutes
  • Capture up to 280,000 square feet in just 30 minutess
  • Built by experts in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision with degrees from MIT
  • 工地巡检记录-行走时手机照片自动定位至平面图

See why the best builders are switching to the best technology

Read a few real quotes from Project Engineers who made the switch to OpenSpace

“The time savings was even more significant in larger areas. It would only take 30 minutes to capture the 280,000 square feet of an entire level of the project with OpenSpace, compared to a whole day using Holobuilder.”

Jeffery Flores
P.E. at Devcon Construction, an ENR-400 construction firm

“The main reason I made the switch was processing time. StructionSite was taking 2-3 days for their VideoWalks to show up, and by the time they showed up they were already out-of date. There were other pain points too – the 10 minute walk limit, videos that never published, bad location pinning, bad orientation of 360 photos, no BIM integration – that all disappeared when I made the switch to OpenSpace.”

Anonymous P.E
at a mid-sized construction firm
case study

Why Devcon chose OpenSpace

See why the team at Devcon Construction chose OpenSpace over Holobuilder

In 2017, Devcon began building a 300,000 square foot headquarters for a technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The team tested both Holobuilder and OpenSpace and decided to use OpenSpace because it was faster and more powerful. So far, OpenSpace has exceeded all their expectations. In the past, if an issue arose and the construction team needed to write an RFI, they had to walk to the relevant location and take a picture or coordinate with a sub to get them to do it.

With OpenSpace, documentation for RFIs is readily available online. OpenSpace has also helped them track the progress of first- in-place mockups. This entails Devcon building out a block of conference or phone rooms with all finishes, including carpeting, furniture, lighting and paint so they can get approval on the final product before building the rest. Tracking progress at a minute level of detail to ensure on-time delivery was crucial, and OpenSpace helped enable that.

Your life just got easier with OpenSpace

Our product makes it much easier to create a digital twin of your job site


Connect to a mobile device or 360 camera for full 360 photos and video.

  • 360 photo
  • 360 video

Capture your site in 10,000 square feet per hour.

  • 10k square feet
  • 150k square feet
& exports

Procore, PlanGrid, and BIM360 integrations, PDF and JPG exports.

  • integrations
  • exports

AI-powered progress tracking and analytics tools.

  • AI tools
  • bim compare

Hands on support with onboarding, fast track processing, and more.

  • premium support
  • branded reports

Building time machines for every job site

At OpenSpace, we’re using cutting-edge technology—think the perception and navigation AI systems used in self-driving cars—to allow people out in the real world to efficiently capture their work, analyze it, and get things done. We’re building virtual time machines for every job site.

Reducing the cost, time, and pain it takes to build and operate will revolutionize the industry’s approach to construction specifically and real estate management broadly—and revolutionize how we manage humanity’s built environments overall. Even a savings of one percent would change the game. And we can do a lot better than one percent.

  • 500 million square feet
captured to date
  • 30 million images of active
    construction projects captured so far
  • Projects in 25 countries