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OpenSpace is for

An objective, indisputable and complete visual record of your asset that you can use to manage stakeholders—and manage risk—throughout the entire lifecycle of your buildings.

A complete and objective
visual record of your assets

During construction, defects create not just headaches and change orders; they can wipe out profitability when problems become liability claims. And during occupancy, poor as-builts prevent your teams from effectively operating and maintaining your spaces.

  • Track (and sell) from anywhere

    Whether you have a portfolio spread across the globe or just one project across town, physically visiting your site takes time. Visit your job from anywhere with OpenSpace. And fill your space with future tenants by showing them the site online–without requiring an in-person visit.

  • Smooth transitions from construction to operation/maintenance and back again

    For many owners, construction is a small part of the lifecycle of their business–it’s all about operation (and cap rate!) Your facilities and property management teams will love having a complete visual record of construction. Manage renovations, track progress in your spaces, and perform smarter inspections for maintenance and repair.

  • Manage defects, delays, and risk

    Getting to the bottom of construction problems can take a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of people–and those problems get more expensive the longer they go unnoticed. OpenSpace eliminates fingerpointing: we provide an easy-to-use reference of the site over time, giving you the evidence you need to resolve problems quickly and fairly.

  • Deliver on time and under budget

    The ground truth provided by OpenSpace accelerates project delivery, cuts budget overruns due to rework and change orders, and allows you to better control risk and liability—ensuring the best quality during and after construction for the life of the building.

Predictable costs, predictable revenue

Here’s some real data, from our customers, on how OpenSpace benefits them.

2.5% construction
cost savings
50% savings in travel costs
1-month schedule acceleration
on a 24-month project


Todd Burns

Choose your plan

We offer products that serve a broad range of needs, from 1-month renovations to multi-year megaprojects and from single sites to worldwide portfolios.

for smaller jobs

Photo free

Simple manual photo documentation
  • Ideal for jobs up to 10,000 square feet
  • 360 and smartphone photos manually pinned to plans
  • Cover up to 10,000 square feet per hour
  • Integrations with Procore,
    BIM360, and more
for project teams


Lightning fast capture and powerful analytics
  • Ideal for all jobs from 10,000 square feet to megaprojects
  • 360 video and smartphone photos automatically pinned to plans
  • Cover 150,000 square feet
    per hour
  • Integrations with Procore,
    BIM360, and more
  • AI-powered project analytics
  • BIM and VDC tools